The Brian & Joe Radio Show

We like to think of The Brian & Joe Radio Show as the "Best Damn Radio Show Ever!" Hosted by writer and graphic artist Brian Mueller, and journalist Joe Wessels, the show explored many topics including politics, education, community involvement, comedy, entertainment, addiction and more. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, persons of local interest were often featured and interviewed. Nevertheless, the show also traveled to Louisiana and to Texas to report on people and events often overlooked by more mainstream media.

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Brian & Joe's Favorite Things

The Thomas Jefferson Hour

Thomas Jefferson Hour

Thomas Jefferson Hour ~ is a weekly radio program recorded in Bismark, North Dakota. It is dedicated to the search for truth in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is portrayed by humanities scholar Clay S. Jenkinson, the creator of the show.  
The Cincinnati Daily Tribune

Cincinnati Daily Tribune

The Cincinnati Daily Tribune ~ offers independent, investigative journalism for the benefit of the public. It’s regional news, sports, politics, arts, music, health, science, business and their impact on Cincinnati.